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November 24, 2008

Keena Updates

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Keena Updates:  I want to thank everyone for the thoughts, prayers, and even poetry they have sent.  I’m currently in that worst of places…a surgery waiting room.  Keena had the worst of nights last night – but if anything, it prepared her even more for this surgery!  While I can’t probably write as much as I’m feeling right now, I’ll do what I can to update here often. 

11am: Keena went in for surgery.  Her thoughts were of Addie as I walked out of the room and she smiled through tears with her hand in an “I love you” sign.

1:20pm: The doctor’s circulation nurse has called my cell phone twice!  (I LOVE technology)  This past call let us know that her intestine is out and that she’s stable. 

3:00pm: One more call – the surgeon has closed the incision, but is working on the ileostomy site.  Keena is still stable.

5:15pm: Keena is stable, out of surgery, and heading up to her room!!!   Things are pretty positive so far – a bit of blood loss (to be expected), but otherwise we are in good shape.  YEAH!!

10pm: Keena is fast asleep with her mom at her side.  I came home to watch Addie and give her as much stability as possible for a 17 month old who loves her momma!  Keena did really well today.  In between groggy sleep, she told a few jokes and asked about loved ones.  I really believe that she went into this with the right attitude and it will only serve her well from here on out!  While I’m exhausted, I’m so grateful to have Keena on a path to wellness – it was worth the exhaustion, effort, and sacrifices (I know…easy for me to say).  But the toll of watching your best friend wither away and your daughter’s mommy be unable to love like she wants to…well, it’s been 5 years of pain that I’m ready to say goodbye to. 

We both realize the road ahead isn’t all sunshine and flowers – but we also know that the road she was on was all about decay and death.  While we are hoping for a healthy, fast recovery we know there could be some bumps.  But again, I go back to Keena’s resolve and attitude.  Some may look at her ostomy as an uncomfortable reality…Keena already looks at it as getting her life back.  As long as this stops the Crohn’s from manifesting in her body (and the doctors tell us there is no reason to believe otherwise), Keena is going to be back by Christmas. 

My first blog entry this year stated it was the Year of Jeff.  I was doing what I could to make a self-fulfilling prophecy!  (I’ll write my analysis for my final blog of the year including a WAY cool announcement that should be coming out any day now concerning my job…)  But, I’ve already told my wife that 2009 is the Year of Keena.  (She told me to stop pressuring her)  🙂

Thank you everyone for the support, kind words, and emails.  Keena should be up and around in about 2-3 weeks, gaining strength every day.  Here is to that. 




  1. This is good news and we who are waiting are so grateful you had a few minutes to post so that we could catch up. g

    Comment by gbart — November 25, 2008 @ 9:00 pm | Reply

  2. Mr Borden,
    I actually wrote in to Mr Rubin and expressed my thanks for all the help he brought me. What a mistake that was! I only thought his products were helping me because my colitis had gone into remission. I was then punched in the gut by the reality that my disease would come and go forever, regardless of the expensive products I purchased from Garden of Life. At one time, they even used my testimonial on their website. I feel horrible about that. I asked them to take it down, but they said that was impossible. Eventually it went away, but their practices are so unethical and manipulative. It makes me sad to see it now. I should have known better than to trust someone with a colon cleansing product and weight loss pills. Every doctor I know says colon cleansing is the worst thing a person can do for their gut! Please tell the www that Jordan Rubin and Garden of Life should be avoided like the plague. All they will do is take your money and give no other help that you really need!

    Comment by Elouise — November 26, 2008 @ 6:31 am | Reply

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